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1. View first our course programs to decide which subjects you want to enroll in.

2. Decide how many courses of Turkish classes you want to take.

3. Determine the start and end dates of your course by taking a look at the full academic calendar containing the program you have chosen.

4. Fill out the registration form and send it to this email: tomer@bayburt.edu.tr

5. According to the program of your choice and your registration status (non-student, student or Bayburt University Erasmus Student) send in your fee through any bank wiring system if you are outside the town or go to the T.C.Ziraat Bank local office and deposit it in person to the bank account stated at the bottom of the page.

6. If you need to obtain an “certificate of acceptance” for your student visa, send your bank receipt proving that you have deposited 500 dollars to tomer@bayburt.edu.tr. State your course attendance dates and request your “letter of acceptance.” The fee you’ve paid will later be deducted from your full payment during final registration.

7. Your letter of acceptance will be sent to your address within  a week (seven days).

8. With this letter of acceptance you can go to the nearest Turkish representations (Embassy or Consulate General) in your country to start proceedings of education visa.

9. When    your visa proceedings are done, come to Bayburt Dede Korkut Campus for your final registration and receive your TÖMER Student ID. With this go to the  local Police Department (Emniyet Müdürlüğü) at the Foreigners Office (Yabancılar Şubesi) on the specified date to get your residence permit allowing you to stay in the country.

10. This permit allows students only to study and not to work in Turkey.  Those students whose residence periods expire are obliged to have them extended within the last 15 days of their  residence.

Documents Required For Enrollment

1.      The photocopy of the passport on the photographed page

2.      two passport photos

3.      Student ID card (if enrolled at Bayburt university)

4.      Bank payment receipt

5. Application forms can be obtained from BAYÜ-TÖMER office (Bayburt University Turkish Teaching Center) or may be downloaded directly from the University website and printed out.

Registration Office:

Bayburt University, Physical Education College, BAYÜTÖMER Office